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cel_debug.h File Reference

Debugging Utilities. More...

#include "cel_printf.h"
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struct  Celartem::Debug




#define CEL_ASSERT(cond)   ::Celartem::Debug::assertion_failed(cond, #cond, __FILE__, __LINE__, __FUNCTION__)
#define CEL_ANONYMOUS_NS   _Cel_Internal_NS_

Detailed Description

Debugging Utilities.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define CEL_ANONYMOUS_NS   _Cel_Internal_NS_

With Visual Studio .NET 2003, we cannot see the variable values of which class is defined in anonymous namespace.
This macro provides alternative namespace which is only enabled on debug versions of the libraries. On the release versions, it is redefined as anonymous namespace.

#define CEL_ASSERT (   cond)    ::Celartem::Debug::assertion_failed(cond, #cond, __FILE__, __LINE__, __FUNCTION__)
condA condition that is assumed to be true. This macro breaks the execusion of the program by calling abort if the specified condition is not true. This assertion is striped if CEL_DEBUG is not defined or set to 0. If you don't want to strip these assertion codes, set CEL_DEBUG to 1. The string output is by calling Celartem::cel_printf function.
See Also
Debugging Your Code, Celartem::cel_printf, Celartem::cel_dbgPrintf, CEL_DEBUG

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