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file  cel_android.h
file  cel_autoptr.h
 Smart Pointer Definitions.
file  cel_base.h
 Miscellaneous definitions that should be done first.
file  cel_base64.h
 Base64 encode/decode routines.
file  cel_blob.h
 General Blob Definition.
file  cel_broker.h
 Resource Broker.
file  cel_checksum.h
 Checksum Streams.
file  cel_compress.h
 Compression/Decompression using zlib.
file  cel_credprovider.h
 Credential User Inteface.
file  cel_crypt.h
 Encryption Module.
file  cel_datastore.h
 Data Store Class Definition.
file  cel_datatraits.h
 Defines Data Traits for Copying/Serializing.
file  cel_debug.h
 Debugging Utilities.
file  cel_dsarray.h
 Serializable Array Definition.
file  cel_dynload.h
 Platform dependent dynamic load mechanism.
file  cel_endian.h
 Endianness related definitions.
file  cel_error.h
 Error Definitions.
file  cel_errutil.h
 OS Dependent Error Handling.
file  cel_exception.h
 Exception Definitions.
file  cel_filepath.h
 A helper class for validating file paths.
file  cel_fileutil.h
 File Utilities.
file  cel_genrandom.h
 Generating Cryptographically Random Bytes.
file  cel_geom.h
 Geometric Structures.
file  cel_guid.h
 GUID Definitions.
file  cel_http.h
 HTTP Stream Class.
file  cel_initonce.h
file  cel_iostream.h
 All the declarations are moved to cel_stream.h. This header is just for backward compatibility.
file  cel_license.h
 Celartem Product License Manager.
file  cel_lockable.h
 Lockable/Locker Definitions.
file  cel_memory.h
 Simple Memory Management.
file  cel_misc.h
 Miscellaneous Definitions.
file  cel_observable.h
 Observable/Observer Definitions.
file  cel_platform.h
 Platform Definitions.
file  cel_printf.h
 Printf Definitions.
file  cel_random.h
 Mersenne Twister Random Number Generator.
file  cel_rational.h
 Rational template struct.
file  cel_referable.h
 Referable/Referrer Definitions.
file  cel_regex.h
 Regular Expression Routine.
file  cel_revision.h
file  cel_rwlock.h
 Reader-Writer Lock.
file  cel_securestring.h
 Credential User Inteface.
file  cel_serializable.h
 Serializable Class Definition.
file  cel_singleton.h
 Thread-safe Singleton implementation.
file  cel_sstring.h
 Simple String Definition.
file  cel_stdint.h
 stdint.h/stddef.h substitution
file  cel_stdstream.h
 std::FILE* based Stream class
file  cel_storage.h
 Storage Classes.
file  cel_storagecache.h
file  cel_stream.h
 Stream Classes.
file  cel_string.h
 String Definitions.
file  cel_stringutil.h
 String Operations.
file  cel_syncobjs.h
 Synchronization Object Definitions.
file  cel_system.h
 System Environmental Configurations.
file  cel_thread.h
 Thread Definitions.
file  cel_time.h
 Date/Time definitions and functions.
file  cel_types.h
 Primitive Types Definitions.
file  cel_unicode.h
 Unicode related definitions.
file  cel_uniconv.h
 UTF-X conversion routine.
file  cel_urlutil.h
 URL Utilities.
file  cel_utf16.h
 UTF-16 Manipulation Functions.
file  cel_utf8.h
 UTF-8 Manipulation Functions.

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