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Celartem::Debug Struct Reference

#include <cel_debug.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static void assertion_failed (bool f, const char *description, const char *filename, long line, const char *funcname)
static void set_dbgenv ()
static bool writeLog (const char *message)
static void showBackTrace ()

Detailed Description

This structure provides the functions related to debug.

Member Function Documentation

static void Celartem::Debug::assertion_failed ( bool  f,
const char *  description,
const char *  filename,
long  line,
const char *  funcname 

This function is internally used in CEL_ASSERT, and usually not to be used directly.

See Also
Debugging Your Code, CEL_ASSERT
static void Celartem::Debug::set_dbgenv ( )

This function initializes the debugging environment if the module is debug version.

See Also
Debugging Your Code, CEL_ASSERT
static void Celartem::Debug::showBackTrace ( )

This function shows stack trace of the current calling function.
If the program does not contain debugging information, the trace may be incomplete.

static bool Celartem::Debug::writeLog ( const char *  message)

This function writes the debugging log into a log file if _PXLL_DEBUG_FILE environment value specifies a valid file name.

messageThe message to be written. The string will be directly written into the file without any charcode conversion.
true if the message is correctly written out to the log file.
See Also
_PXLL_DEBUG_FILE, Debugging Your Code

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