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cel_exception.h File Reference

Exception Definitions. More...

#include <stdexcept>
#include "cel_error.h"
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class  Celartem::Exception




#define celThrow(err)   throw ::Celartem::Exception((::Celartem::GeneralErrorDefinition)err, #err, __FILE__, __LINE__, __CEL_FUNCTION__)
#define celThrow2(err, str)   throw ::Celartem::Exception((::Celartem::GeneralErrorDefinition)err, str, __FILE__, __LINE__, __CEL_FUNCTION__)

Detailed Description

Exception Definitions.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define celThrow (   err)    throw ::Celartem::Exception((::Celartem::GeneralErrorDefinition)err, #err, __FILE__, __LINE__, __CEL_FUNCTION__)
#define celThrow2 (   err,
)    throw ::Celartem::Exception((::Celartem::GeneralErrorDefinition)err, str, __FILE__, __LINE__, __CEL_FUNCTION__)

This marco throws Celartem::Exception with the specified error code. It is identical to celThrow except it receives one more parameter named str.

errAn error code defined in Celartem::GeneralErrorDefinition.
strA string that represents the details of the error status.
See Also
celThrow, Celartem::Exception

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