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Celartem::License::LicenseManager Class Referenceabstract

#include <cel_license.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual void setLicenseScript (const String &inLicense)=0
virtual void setLicenseTarget (void *target, const String &inCookie)=0
virtual void * getLicenseTarget () const =0
virtual void disableLicenseSystem ()=0
virtual String getLicenseScript () const =0
virtual String getProductId () const =0
virtual String getProductDescription () const =0
virtual ActivationScheme getActivationScheme (Feature inFeature) const =0
virtual String getMachineId () const =0
virtual String getStatusString (bool inHumanReadable, const String &inProductId=NullString) const =0
virtual void setActivationServerUrl (const String &inActivationServerUrl)=0
virtual String getActivationServerUrl () const =0

Static Public Member Functions

static LicenseManagergetLicenseManager ()
static String getStatusStringFromProductStatus (bool inHumanReadable, const String &inMachineId, const ProductStatus &inProductStatus)
static String getProductStatusFromString (const String &inStatusString, ProductStatus &outProductStatus)
static String createLicenseScript (const String &inUnencryptedScript)
static String getFeatureName (Feature inFeature)

Detailed Description

LicenseManager manages an license script for a certain product and provide applications with the nifty string based properties which can be used by the applications.
For more information, see License System.

Member Function Documentation

static String Celartem::License::LicenseManager::createLicenseScript ( const String inUnencryptedScript)

Create a license script from unencrypted script.
This method is reserved for internal use.
For internal usage, see documents in cel_baselib/opt/licenseSystem.

virtual void Celartem::License::LicenseManager::disableLicenseSystem ( )
pure virtual

Disables license system. This method is reserved for internal use.

virtual ActivationScheme Celartem::License::LicenseManager::getActivationScheme ( Feature  inFeature) const
pure virtual

Determine whether a feature is currently enabled or not.

inFeatureA feature to get the activation scheme.
virtual String Celartem::License::LicenseManager::getActivationServerUrl ( ) const
pure virtual

Get the activation server URL.

static String Celartem::License::LicenseManager::getFeatureName ( Feature  inFeature)

Get Feature Name.

inFeatureA feature to get name.
static LicenseManager& Celartem::License::LicenseManager::getLicenseManager ( )

Get the LicenseManager instance.

Reference to the LicenseManager instance.
virtual String Celartem::License::LicenseManager::getLicenseScript ( ) const
pure virtual

Get the current license script.

The current license script.
virtual void* Celartem::License::LicenseManager::getLicenseTarget ( ) const
pure virtual

Get the target of license.

Platform dependent handle/context of the license check target. This target is checked for license validity. NULL for no explicit license target.
virtual String Celartem::License::LicenseManager::getMachineId ( ) const
pure virtual

Get the machine ID corresponding to this machine.

Machine ID.
virtual String Celartem::License::LicenseManager::getProductDescription ( ) const
pure virtual

Get the product description.

The product description.
virtual String Celartem::License::LicenseManager::getProductId ( ) const
pure virtual

Get the product ID.

The product ID.
static String Celartem::License::LicenseManager::getProductStatusFromString ( const String inStatusString,
ProductStatus outProductStatus 

Obtain information from non-human-readable form of the status string, which is returned by getStatusString.

inStatusStringThe string returned by getStatusString.
outProductStatusOn return, product status in the status string.
Machine ID in the status string.
virtual String Celartem::License::LicenseManager::getStatusString ( bool  inHumanReadable,
const String inProductId = NullString 
) const
pure virtual
            Get a string which describes the current status of
            \ref LicenseManager instance.
            \param inHumanReadable
                \c true to generate human readable string; otherwise this
                method returns a machine readable but not human readable
            \param inProductId
                The target product Id. If this is \ref NullString,
                this method returns the status of current product.
                A status string.

            This method can used to create a valid address of cartridge
            licensing site. The following sample illustrates this:
String prodId = ....;
LicenseManager& lm = LicenseManager::getLicenseManager();
String url = utf8s("") + lm.getStatusString(false, prodId);
static String Celartem::License::LicenseManager::getStatusStringFromProductStatus ( bool  inHumanReadable,
const String inMachineId,
const ProductStatus inProductStatus 

Get a string which describes the current status from the input information.

inHumanReadabletrue to generate human readable string; otherwise this method returns a machine readable but not human readable string.
inMachineIdThe machine ID to embed into the string.
inProductStatusThe product status to embed into the string.
A status string.
virtual void Celartem::License::LicenseManager::setActivationServerUrl ( const String inActivationServerUrl)
pure virtual

Set the activation server URL.

inActivationServerUrlThe activation server URL.
virtual void Celartem::License::LicenseManager::setLicenseScript ( const String inLicense)
pure virtual

Initializes the LicenseManager instance with the specified license script.

inLicenseA license script provided by Celartem Software Authority.
If this string is NullString, then this method tries to obtain the embedded license string from the application binary.
virtual void Celartem::License::LicenseManager::setLicenseTarget ( void *  target,
const String inCookie 
pure virtual

Set the target of license.

targetPlatform dependent handle/context of the license check target. This target is checked for license validity.
inCookieThe cookie which verifies the module who calls this method is authorized to do so. If you're an authorized software developer, you can obtain the cookie from Celartem Technology Inc.

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