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Celartem::Url::UrlComponents Struct Reference

#include <cel_urlutil.h>

Public Member Functions

 UrlComponents ()

Public Attributes

String scheme
String userName
String passPhrase
String hostName
u16 port
String path
String extra

Detailed Description

UrlComponents is to contain cracked URL parts and used with separateUrl function.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Celartem::Url::UrlComponents::UrlComponents ( )

Constructor to initialize all the members.

Member Data Documentation

String Celartem::Url::UrlComponents::extra

extra parts like "?hoge=var&foo=1"

String Celartem::Url::UrlComponents::hostName

host name or dotted decimal notation of IP address.

String Celartem::Url::UrlComponents::passPhrase

pass phrase embed as "user:pass@host".

String Celartem::Url::UrlComponents::path

path like "/foo/bar/hoge.html"

u16 Celartem::Url::UrlComponents::port

port number if available, otherwise 0.

String Celartem::Url::UrlComponents::scheme

scheme such as "http", "https" and so on.

String Celartem::Url::UrlComponents::userName

user name embed as "user:pass@host".

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