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Celartem::ThreadUtil Struct Reference

Public Types

typedef void(CEL_API * ThreadEntryPoint )(void *inParam)

Static Public Member Functions

static void * create (ThreadEntryPoint entryPoint, void *inParam)
static void join (void *threadHandle)
static void close (void *threadHandle)
static size_t getThreadId ()

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef void(CEL_API * Celartem::ThreadUtil::ThreadEntryPoint)(void *inParam)

The definition of the thread entry point for threadCreate function.

inParamThe second parameter passed to threadCreate function.

Member Function Documentation

static void Celartem::ThreadUtil::close ( void *  threadHandle)

This function closes the handle of the thread.

threadHandleThe handle of thread.

Referenced by Celartem::Thread::join().

static void* Celartem::ThreadUtil::create ( ThreadEntryPoint  entryPoint,
void *  inParam 

This function creates a new thread.

entryPointPointer to the thread entry point.
inParamThread defined parameter; this parameter is passed to the function pointed by entryPoint parameter.
This function returns a handle to the thread. The handle should be closed by calling threadClose function if no longer needed.

Referenced by Celartem::Thread::run().

static size_t Celartem::ThreadUtil::getThreadId ( )

This function returns the thread Id of the current thread.

The thread Id of the thread.
static void Celartem::ThreadUtil::join ( void *  threadHandle)

This function waits for the thread to finish running.

threadHandleThe handle of thread.

Referenced by Celartem::Thread::join().

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