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Celartem::MemoryCopy< T, byConstructor, behavior > Struct Template Reference

#include <cel_memory.h>

Public Member Functions

void operator() (T *dest, const T *src, size_t count)

Detailed Description

template<typename T, MemoryCopyBehavior behavior>
struct Celartem::MemoryCopy< T, byConstructor, behavior >

MemoryCopy function for general types.
Please note that the copy operation is destructive; it uses std::move internally.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename T , MemoryCopyBehavior behavior>
void Celartem::MemoryCopy< T, byConstructor, behavior >::operator() ( T *  dest,
const T *  src,
size_t  count 
destSpecifies the pointer to the memory block into which the source memory will be copied.
srcSpecifies the pointer to the source memory block.
countSpecifies the number of entries to be copied.

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