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Celartem::DjVu::Watermark Struct Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static void watermark (Page *ioTarget, const Rect &inRectDest, const u8 *inSrcRgba, const ssize_t inRowStride, const Rect &inRectSrc, const DjVuEncoder::Params *inParams=NULL)

Member Function Documentation

static void Celartem::DjVu::Watermark::watermark ( Page ioTarget,
const Rect inRectDest,
const u8 inSrcRgba,
const ssize_t  inRowStride,
const Rect inRectSrc,
const DjVuEncoder::Params inParams = NULL 

Overlay a watermark on the specified page.

ioTargetPage to overlay a watermark on.
inRectDestRectangle on the page, on which the watermark overlays on.
inSrcRgbaRGBA (RGB + pre-multiplied alpha) image to overlay.
inRowStrideStride for the overlay image.
inRectSrcSource rectangle of the image.
inParamsParameters to be used for re-encoding of DjVu layers.

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