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Celartem::DjVu::Segmenter Struct Reference

#include <djv_segmenter.h>


struct  Params

Static Public Member Functions

static void segment (u8 *outMaskPtr, ssize_t inMaskRowStride, MaskType inMaskType, size_t inWidth, size_t inHeight, const u8 *const inImagePtr, ssize_t inRowStride, Photometric inImagePm, const Params *inParams=NULL)

Detailed Description

Segmenter structure provides the function to create a mask from a picture.

Member Function Documentation

static void Celartem::DjVu::Segmenter::segment ( u8 outMaskPtr,
ssize_t  inMaskRowStride,
MaskType  inMaskType,
size_t  inWidth,
size_t  inHeight,
const u8 *const  inImagePtr,
ssize_t  inRowStride,
Photometric  inImagePm,
const Params inParams = NULL 

This function creates a mask which separates the specified image into two layers (foreground and background).
On the mask, the pixel with 0 means that the pixel should be moved to foreground and 1 does that the pixel should be moved to background.

outMaskPtrPointer to a buffer on which this function writes the mask image.
inMaskRowStrideThe row-stride of the mask.
inMaskTypeThe type of the mask. This should be one of MaskType enumeration.
inWidthThe width of the mask and the input image.
inHeightThe height of the mask and the input image.
inImagePtrPointer to the first line of the input image.
inRowStrideThe row-stride of the image.
inImagePmThe photometric (type) of the image. It should be one of Photometric.
inParamsThe parameter which configures the segmenter process.

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