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Celartem::DjVu::JB2Encoder::RegionRecognitionParams Struct Reference

#include <djv_jb2encoder.h>

Public Member Functions

 RegionRecognitionParams (size_t inDpi=300)

Public Attributes

size_t distLongMax
size_t distShortMax
size_t noiseThreshold
size_t colorThreshold
size_t overlapThreshold

Detailed Description

Region detection parameters.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Celartem::DjVu::JB2Encoder::RegionRecognitionParams::RegionRecognitionParams ( size_t  inDpi = 300)

Initializes the parameters based on the resolution (dot-per-inch).

inDpiThe image resolution in dot-per-inch.

Member Data Documentation

size_t Celartem::DjVu::JB2Encoder::RegionRecognitionParams::colorThreshold

Color threshold in [0 255], which is used to determine whether two objects are considered to be in same group or not. Larger value accepts more objects in a same group.

size_t Celartem::DjVu::JB2Encoder::RegionRecognitionParams::distLongMax

Longer-side distance maximum. For R dpi, the default would be R/5.

size_t Celartem::DjVu::JB2Encoder::RegionRecognitionParams::distShortMax

Shorter-side distance maximum. For R dpi, the default would be R/12.5

size_t Celartem::DjVu::JB2Encoder::RegionRecognitionParams::noiseThreshold

Noise threshold in pixels. The objects smaller than the threshold considered to be noise. For R dpi, the default would be R/100.

size_t Celartem::DjVu::JB2Encoder::RegionRecognitionParams::overlapThreshold

Threshold to determine whether two group areas are overlapped each other.

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