DjVu Tutorials

The following are the first tutorials for encoding and decoding of DjVu files:

To support Secure DjVu on your application, you should carefully read the following article also:

Secure DjVu Handling

License System

Some of the features in this library are locked by the license system. Although it does not prevent you from developing applications but any codes built with the library stops working after 2 weeks from the built time.
To disable the expiry, you should obtain an distribution license from Cuminas before releasing/distributing/deploying your applications. For more information, see License System.


Before writing the actual code, you should firstly check the configuration of your build environment. And also please note that some of the compiler setting easily break the consistency of the library and it may cause runtime error or incorrect result. The first thing you have to do is to "READ" the documents below:

Cuminas DjVu SDK 3.0.33103
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