OS X Development Notes

Choosing Correct Library

This SDK supports many platform/gcc-version configuration and they're placed under lib directory. You need to choose correct set of libraries to build your application. For instance, lib/darwin8-ppc/gcc-3.3/release is the library for gcc/g++3.3 to build applications for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger (darwin 8), PowerPC.

Cross Build Environment

To build your application for the versions of OS X which are different from the current running one, you firstly setup the cross-development environment. For more information, see Apple Developer Connection - Cross-Development.

Library Dependencies

This library requires other prerequisite libraries and frameworks which will be install with OS X itself. The following is the list of those which this library depends on:

Fortunetelly these list can be used generally for all target versions of OS X.

Warnings during Linking

Since this library contains some duplicated functions such as wcscmp by some dependency issues, you may see some warning messages like the following one:

ld: warning multiple definitions of symbol _wcscmp

These warning can be ignored unless you disable two-level namespace by -force_flat_namespace ld option.
You can also suppress these warning messages using -multiply_defined suppress ld flag. For more information see ld(1).

Exception Issues

There're several C++ exception related issues with this library which may impact your code. See Special Version of Libraries for Exception Handling for more information.

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