Redhat Enterprise Linux/CentOS Development Notes

Supported Compilers

This library is currently build with g++ 4.4.6, which is the default for CentOS 6.3.

Library Dependencies

Since this library depends on some libraries which are already provided by the Red Hat distribution, you may happen to deal with dead-links when linking the objects and the library into an executable or a library. The following is the list of the libraries which this library depends on:

Exception Issues

There're several C++ exception related issues with this library which may impact your code. See Special Version of Libraries for Exception Handling for more information.

And you should use g++ rather than ld to link modules, otherwise you may happen to specify some extra libraries such as libstdc++.

How to Build Sample Codes

The sample codes have a sample Makefile which illustrates how to build them. The following command line illustrates how to build the samples on the CentOS 3 (assumes you're now in dist-djvusdk/samples directory.):

make ARCH=Linux-x86_64-release

If you don't specify ARCH, the make shows available ARCH definitions.

Cuminas DjVu SDK 3.0.33103
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