DjVu Encoder Profiles


Cuminas DjVu SDK, which is the main component of Document Express 7 series, uses encoder profiles when encoding DjVu files. An encoder profile is a set of parameters to configure DjVuEncoder instance. The encoder profiles are shared between DjVu encoder programs.

Profile Repository

The encoder profiles are stored in a repository XML file. And the location of the XML file is defined by the system. On Windows, the profile repository is installed on the following location:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Caminova\defaults.dprepo

On Windows Vista or later, this path is shortened to


On UNIX platforms, this is normally on


Programmatically Access to Encoder Profiles

To access the encoder profiles from your code, use Profile class. The profile repository can be accessed via ProfileRepository class.

Cuminas DjVu SDK 3.0.33103
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