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Celartem::License::CartridgeManager Class Referenceabstract

#include <cel_license.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual void getActivatedProducts (SimpleArray< String > &outProductIds)=0
virtual void getProductStatus (ProductStatus &outProductStatus, const String &inProductId=NullString)=0
virtual String reserve (Feature inFeature, size_t inCount)=0
virtual void commit (const String &inGuid)=0
virtual void revert (const String &inGuid)=0
virtual void installCartridge (const String &inCartridgeScript, bool inDryRun=false)=0
virtual void reinitializeDataBase ()=0

Static Public Member Functions

static CartridgeManagergetCartridgeManager ()
static String createCartridge (const String &inUnencryptedScript)

Detailed Description

This class manages the cartridges.
For more information, see CartridgeManager.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void Celartem::License::CartridgeManager::commit ( const String inGuid)
pure virtual

Commit the reserve identified by the GUID.

inGuidA GUID which identifies the reserve.
static String Celartem::License::CartridgeManager::createCartridge ( const String inUnencryptedScript)

Create a cartridge from unencrypted script.
This method is reserved for internal use.
For internal usage, see documents in cel_baselib/opt/licenseSystem.

virtual void Celartem::License::CartridgeManager::getActivatedProducts ( SimpleArray< String > &  outProductIds)
pure virtual

Obtain the list of activated products.

outProductIdsA SimpleArray reference which receives the product IDs.
static CartridgeManager& Celartem::License::CartridgeManager::getCartridgeManager ( )

Obtain a instance of CartridgeManager.

Pointer to the newly created CartridgeManager instance.
virtual void Celartem::License::CartridgeManager::getProductStatus ( ProductStatus outProductStatus,
const String inProductId = NullString 
pure virtual

Obtain the product status.

outProductStatusA ProductStatus reference which receives the product status.
inProductIdProduct Id.
virtual void Celartem::License::CartridgeManager::installCartridge ( const String inCartridgeScript,
bool  inDryRun = false 
pure virtual

Install the new cartridge.

inCartridgeScriptA cartridge script which describes the new cartridge.
inDryRunIf this is true, this method just checks internal consistency (validity of the cartridge to install) but not to install it; otherwise this method installs the specified cartridge.
virtual void Celartem::License::CartridgeManager::reinitializeDataBase ( )
pure virtual

Re-initializes the cartridge database.
All the information in the database will be cleared but cartridge installation history is not cleared.
This method is provided for database recovery purpose only and it should not be called for normal purpose.

virtual String Celartem::License::CartridgeManager::reserve ( Feature  inFeature,
size_t  inCount 
pure virtual

Reserve the feature cartridge.
The cartridges reserved by this method should be commited or reverted by calling either of commit or revert methods.

inFeatureThe feature of the cartridge.
inCountThe count of the cartridge.
A GUID which identifies this reserve.
virtual void Celartem::License::CartridgeManager::revert ( const String inGuid)
pure virtual

Revert the reserve identified by the GUID.

inGuidA GUID which identifies the reserve.

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