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Celartem::HttpConnection Class Referenceabstract

#include <cel_http.h>

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virtual AutoPtr
< HttpRequestStream
createRequestStream (const String &inMethod, const String &inRequest, bool inReqIsEscaped=false, CredentialProvider *inCredProv=NULL)=0
virtual AutoPtr< HttpManagergetHttpManager ()=0
virtual String getHostName () const =0
virtual u16 getPort () const =0
virtual bool isOnSSL () const =0
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void addRef () const
void releaseRef () const
size_t getReferenceCount () const

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static void dumpDbgAllRefCount ()

Detailed Description

HttpConnection takes care of information about a connection and controls the actual connection between the local host and the remote host. The instances of this class is created by HttpManager::createConnection .

See Also
HttpManager, HttpRequestStream, HttpResponseStream

Member Function Documentation

virtual AutoPtr<HttpRequestStream> Celartem::HttpConnection::createRequestStream ( const String inMethod,
const String inRequest,
bool  inReqIsEscaped = false,
CredentialProvider inCredProv = NULL 
pure virtual

This method create a new HTTP request.
With a HttpConnection, only one instance of the HttpRequestStream can exist at a time; if you try to create several HttpRequestStream instances, they are serialized.

inMethodIt specifies the HTTP method. It should be one of the following methods:
  • "GET" only to get content on the server, no data should be sent to the server.
  • "POST" You can send some data to the server before getting the server content.
  • "HEAD" to gather information about the resource.
inRequestURL without scheme, hostname, port specification, such as "/foo/bar.cgi?a=123&b=567". If you only have URL and want to extract the request part from it, use Url::separateUrl .
inReqIsEscapedSpecifies whether the request is URL escaped or not. The default is false.
inCredProvSpecifies a CredentialProvider instance which provides the information for authenticaion.
Pointer to the newly created HttpRequestStream instance.
See Also
Url, HttpRequestStream
virtual String Celartem::HttpConnection::getHostName ( ) const
pure virtual

This method returns the host name of the connected peer.

The host name of the host connected to.
virtual AutoPtr<HttpManager> Celartem::HttpConnection::getHttpManager ( )
pure virtual

This method is to get the HttpManager instance that manages this HttpConnection instance.

Pointer to the HttpManager instance.
See Also
virtual u16 Celartem::HttpConnection::getPort ( ) const
pure virtual

This method returns the port of the connected peer.

The port connected to.
virtual bool Celartem::HttpConnection::isOnSSL ( ) const
pure virtual

This method returns whether this request is on the SSL connection or not.

true if on the SSL connection, otherwise false.

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