Celartem::Exception Member List

This is the complete list of members for Celartem::Exception, including all inherited members.

Exception(GeneralErrorDefinition inError, const char *inErrorDesc, const char *inFileName, int inLine, const char *inFuncName="")Celartem::Exception
Exception(GeneralErrorDefinition inError, const String &inErrorDesc, const char *inFileName, int inLine, const char *inFuncName="")Celartem::Exception
Exception(const Exception &inException)Celartem::Exception
getError() const Celartem::Exception
getMessage() const Celartem::Exception
operator=(const Exception &inException)Celartem::Exception
setOnExceptionCallback(void(*onExcepionCallback)(const Exception &))Celartem::Exceptionstatic
what() const Celartem::Exceptionvirtual

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