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Celartem::DjVu::RendererHelper Class Reference

#include <djv_renderer.h>

Public Types

enum  ChunkType {
  citUnknown = 0, citDictionary = 1, citMask = 2, citForeground = 3,
  citBackground = 4
enum  RenderingLayer { rlMask = 0, rlForeground = 1, rlBackground = 2 }
typedef AutoPtr< Renderer >(* RendererFactoryFunc )(const Chunk *inChunk, const Dictionary *inDictionary)
typedef AutoPtr< Dictionary >(* DictionaryFactoryFunc )(const Chunk *inChunk)

Static Public Member Functions

static ChunkType determineChunkType (const String &inChunkId)
static String getCorrespondingDictionaryId (const String &inChunkId)
static void registerRendererFactory (RendererFactoryFunc inRendererFactoryFunc, RenderingLayer inRenderingLayer, const String &inPrimaryId, DictionaryFactoryFunc inDictionaryFactoryFunc=NULL, const String &inDictId=NullString, const String *inChunkIDs=NULL, size_t inCountChunkIDs=0)

Detailed Description

This class provides helper methods for Renderer instanciation.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef AutoPtr<Dictionary>(* Celartem::DjVu::RendererHelper::DictionaryFactoryFunc)(const Chunk *inChunk)

Dictionary factory function definition.
A dictionary factory function is a function which instanciates an instance of Dictionary from the specified chunk.

inChunkThe chunk which contains data.
typedef AutoPtr<Renderer>(* Celartem::DjVu::RendererHelper::RendererFactoryFunc)(const Chunk *inChunk, const Dictionary *inDictionary)

Renderer factory function definition.
A renderer factory function is a function which instanciates an instance of Renderer from the specified chunk.

inChunkThe chunk which contains data.
inDictionaryOptional data which contains some data which is shared between pages; some renderer never uses dictionary so this may be NULL.

Member Enumeration Documentation

This enumeration is used to describe the types of a chunk.






Image data for mask.


Image data for foreground.


Image data for background.

This enumeration is used to specify a layer which a renderer renders.


Mask Layer.


Foreground Layer.


Background Layer.

Member Function Documentation

static ChunkType Celartem::DjVu::RendererHelper::determineChunkType ( const String inChunkId)

Determines the type of a chunk.

inChunkIdA chunk identifier.
The type of the chunk. This is one of ChunkType enumeration.
static String Celartem::DjVu::RendererHelper::getCorrespondingDictionaryId ( const String inChunkId)

Gets the corresponding dictionary chunk Id.

inChunkIdA chunk identifier of image/mask chunk.
The corresponding dictionary chunk Id if available; otherwise, if no such chunk, NullString.
static void Celartem::DjVu::RendererHelper::registerRendererFactory ( RendererFactoryFunc  inRendererFactoryFunc,
RenderingLayer  inRenderingLayer,
const String inPrimaryId,
DictionaryFactoryFunc  inDictionaryFactoryFunc = NULL,
const String inDictId = NullString,
const String inChunkIDs = NULL,
size_t  inCountChunkIDs = 0 

Registers a new renderer factory function.
This method allows you to develop a new internal chunk format support for Page class.

inRendererFactoryFuncA renderer factory function.
inRenderingLayerA layer which the renderers will render.
inPrimaryIdAn identifier which starts instanciation of the Renderer instance.
inDictionaryFactoryFuncAn optional dictionary factory function. If no dictionary is used, this should be NULL.
inDictIdAn optional chunk identifier which identifies dictionaries for this renderers. If no dictionary is used, this should be NullString.
inChunkIDsAn array of the chunks identifiers which the renderers consumes after instanciation. It can be NULL.
inCountChunkIDsThe number of entries in the array specified by inChunkIDs.

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