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Celartem::DjVu::InflateStream Class Reference

#include <djv_compressStream.h>

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static AutoPtr< InflateStreamcreate (Stream *inStream, size_t inCompressedSizeInStream=0, size_t inZPBlockSize=16)
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static void dumpDbgAllRefCount ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Celartem::Stream
virtual size_t readBytes (void *buffer, size_t inSize, bool wouldBlock=false)=0
virtual void writeBytes (const void *buffer, size_t inSize)=0
virtual void flushBuffer ()=0
virtual bool isEof () const =0
virtual size_t duplicateStream (Stream *inStream, size_t inBufferSize=1024, DuplicateStreamCallback inCallback=NULL, void *inCallbackContext=NULL)
virtual size_t duplicateStreamBytes (Stream *inStream, size_t inMaximumByteSize, size_t inBufferSize=1024, DuplicateStreamCallback inCallback=NULL, void *inCallbackContext=NULL)
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 Referable ()
void addRef () const
void releaseRef () const
size_t getReferenceCount () const
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virtual void lock () const =0
virtual void unlock () const =0

Detailed Description

Class used to decompress data that was compressed by a DeflateStream instance. This implementation uses ZPCodec.

Member Function Documentation

static AutoPtr<InflateStream> Celartem::DjVu::InflateStream::create ( Stream inStream,
size_t  inCompressedSizeInStream = 0,
size_t  inZPBlockSize = 16 

Creates an InflateStream instance.

inStreamStream containing the compressed data.
inCompressedSizeInStreamThe size of the compressed data written in inStream instance (The size of the compressed data).
If the compressed size is unknown, you can leave it as 0 but in that case, the reading beyond the end of compressed data may result in unexpected behavior.
inZPBlockSizeSpecifies the size of the internal buffer that the ZPCodec uses.
The larger value results in better speed but comsumes more memory.
Pointer to the newly create instance of InflateStream.

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