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Celartem::DjVu::IFFErrorRecoveryHandler Class Referenceabstract

#include <djv_chunkdiag.h>

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Public Types

enum  Action { ThrowException = 0, IgnoreThisChunk = 1, IgnoreThisAndTrailingChunks = 2 }

Public Member Functions

virtual Action handleError (Chunk *inParentChunk, const String &inNewChunkId, Storage *inStorage, uint64_t inChunkOffset, size_t inChunkLength, const Exception &inException)=0
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 Referable ()
void addRef () const
void releaseRef () const
size_t getReferenceCount () const

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static void dumpDbgAllRefCount ()

Detailed Description

        This class is used to control error handling during
        \ref IFF::deserialize method.\n
        By default, \ref IFF::deserialize throws an exception when it
        encounters the error on loading a chunk. This class is to recover
        from such kind of errors.\n
        All you have to do is inherit this class and implement
        \ref handleError method. Please note that this class should
        initialized with \c new. The following is a sample use of this
class MyErrorRecovery : public IFFErrorRecoveryHandler
Chunk* inParentChunk,
const String& inNewChunkId,
Storage* inStorage,
uint64_t inChunkOffset,
size_t inChunkLength,
const Exception& inException)
// This method ignores chunks with loading errors.
AutoPtr<MyErrorRecovery> recvHandler = new MyErrorRecovery();
AutoPtr<Chunk> chunk = IFF::deserialize(
storage, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, recvHandler);

Member Enumeration Documentation

This enumeration is used to determine how to treat the error.


Throw the exception.


Ignore only this broken chunk.


Ignore this and the trailing chunks.

Member Function Documentation

virtual Action Celartem::DjVu::IFFErrorRecoveryHandler::handleError ( Chunk inParentChunk,
const String inNewChunkId,
Storage inStorage,
uint64_t  inChunkOffset,
size_t  inChunkLength,
const Exception inException 
pure virtual

This method determines how to treat the error occured during deserialization.
You can also access to the Storage which contains the actual data which causes the loading problem.

inParentChunkPointer to the chunk which has been planed to contain the error chunk.
inNewChunkIdThe Id of the error chunk. If the error was occured on decoding the chunk Id, this may be NullString.
inStorageThe Storage instance which contains the data of the error chunk. You can call readBytes, setPos, and several information methods on this and the caller is responsible for restoring the original state after your code.
inChunkOffsetThe offset of the chunk on inStorage Storage instance.
inChunkLengthThe size of the chunk on inStorage Storage instance. This may be NULL depending on the error cause.
inExceptionThe exception being thrown.
One of Action enumeration values which determines the recovery process.

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