ACP Case Study: Security Platform for Digital Educational Content

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Distribute PDF Teaching Materials Online with ACP’s Robust Security
– Cuminas Developed a Interactive Self-Learning Application for Students

A Total System Incoudling Content Distribution / Management And Client Reader

Cuminas developed a content distribution system for students based on ACP Security Platform in cooperation with Bunri Co., Ltd and Meiyusha Co., Ltd. The system helps students to study the online interactive workbooks by themselves on Windows and iOS platforms. It also provides administration features for system administrators such as content management, user management, subscription management and interface to existing billing system.

Offline Support

Users can download the online content and use it without any limitation even in offline evironment. The content is secured using ACP which enables content rights management in both online and offline.

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No Need to Convert Existing PDF to Another Format

Since the system supports standard PDF files and part of interactive PDF features (JavaScript enabled multimedia PDF), the administrator doesn’t need to convert the original PDF into another format, and that reduces the cost for rebuilding online content or additional works like content checking for proof. So, if you already have content in PDF format, you can easily redistribute it with robust ACP security.

Multimedia Content Support

In addition to standard PDF viewing, our original PDF content viewer supports JavaScript action, playing audio and movie files with fully customizable base design. By adding action buttons and specify multimedia content in PDF, you can make your content more expressive displaying / hiding answers or playing audio and movies. Of course, all of the additional data is secured with ACP too.

About ACP


Cuminas Active Content Protection (ACP) is a PDF Information Rights Management (IRM) solution which prevents information leakage, reuse of confidential documents, and protection of commercial digital content in organizations.
Since Cuminas ACP can control permissions like View, Print, Copy, Edit, Save and Expiry by each user or each group through ACP Server, you still have the control to the documents even after deploying the documents. Also, those advanced technologies like Passwordless Authentication and multi device support enables high level security without changing the existing workflow, and that ensures the best fit with BYOD environment.

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About Bunri Co., Ltd.
Established in 1950, Bunri Co., Ltd. is the one of the industry’s best publisher of workbooks for sudents in elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools. In addition to the legacy paper workbooks, they are focusing on digital online contents distribution.

About Meiyusha Co., Ltd.
Meiyusha is a content production for digital content including planning, production and system development focusing on digital content for education.

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